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Main Rd. Raglan

RUSH FM RADIO NETWORK is NZ's first independent truth based station network as opposed to a global media presence. Therefore RUSH FM holds a unique position; local channels that have international independent content and is streaming live on the internet. RUSH FM is a thinking person's rock station with an attitude. Our playlist consists of broad-spectrum hard-out music of many genres. Early morning starts with SPIRITUAL MUSIC & LECTURES and then CLASSIC MUSIC until 11AM when our ROCK & DANCE content begins. This is expanded to TECNO, HARD STYLE & HARD ROCK, till 7PM and then METAL and HEAVY METAL until 4AM. We insert hard hitting information shows at the 2PM and 9PM slots daily. From a perspective of social responsibility RUSH FM is seeking out information from all independent global sectors, as well as reporting local events that have relativity to our lives. We are presenting the facts as best we can research them and presenting them so the listener is more informed and stimulated to find further information. This is supported by our Web site which provides thousands of links to sites with significant sources of information.

Main Rd. Raglan

Raglan Community Radio

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